1982 Candle Co.™

Wick Trimmer (Branded with 1982 Candle Co. Logo)


***Now available in branded, black. These new wick trimmers feature our 1982 Candle Co. logo on the handle of the trimmer***

Wick cutters are the perfect candle companion. This accessory is used to keep candle wicks easily trimmed to 1/4” for ideal burning. Keeping your candle’s wick properly trimmed gives you a clean, typically “soot free” burn. Too often “mushrooming” can occur. This is when you burn your candle for too long in one sitting and then the build up on the wick creates a small mound or mushroom. If this is not properly trimmed before the next burn, you can experience higher levels of smoke and black soot. Keeping you wick trimmed and clean not only shows your appreciation for candle burning but also keeps you and your family safe. 

Specifications: This wick trimmer is featured in our signature black color and also features the following;

  • Made of stainless steel

  • Finished in a matte black

  • 7.08 inches in length

  • Durable and won’t rust

  • Finger inserts are 0.8 inches in width

  • Works well in 8oz - 15oz candle vessels

1982 Candle Co.™ was built around the idea of creating high quality and safe products for family & friends near and far. Made in small batches in our very own kitchen, and hand poured in Ladera Ranch, California - we loved the idea of starting our own small candle business to share the joy and happiness candles bring into our own lives. We truly hope you enjoy every jar or tin that we poured our love into.

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