how it all started

late 2020

It all started with a “date night”. Inspired by virtual happy hours, we decided to try our hands at candle making. Vic had ordered a basic kit online and together, we watched some videos to learn how to wick the glass vessel, how to melt the wax on the stove top using the double boil method and of course how to mix in the fragrance oil with the wax. It was a fun evening, little did we know it would evolve over the next 6 months.

a website was born

Spring 2021

As more and more family and friends wanted us to make them candles, we began to learn more and more about quality of ingredients and we started striving to create “safer” and “healthier” candles - knowing our loved ones would be using them in their households. We also had to make a big decision on how to “charge” people for them (it was getting a little expensive handing out a bunch of free candles to everyone, lol). So we started working on a website. It went live to the world in June of 2021.

a big step

January 2022

By this time, we had already been doing markets and pop up events and we loved the community of other artisans we surrounded ourselves with. Our customer base had quickly grown over the past holiday season and we were in the process of filing all the paperwork to become an official LLC. In January of 2022, this became a reality. It was such a honor and privilege to know we were “business owners” - all thanks to the community of support around us and the many learnings along the way.

featured video

our “brand” story