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1982 Candle Co.™


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Luxury Fragrance

We’re more than just candles

No longer merely offering candles and room sprays (that we know you already love); we are embracing and embodying an immersive experience in luxury fragrance.

With the unveiling of our two new extracts de Parfum; St. Paul Bay and Ambrosial Vanille, summer 2024 will mark a pivotal moment in our journey. These additions not only complement our esteemed Luxe Lotion line but also signify our evolution into a holistic brand delivering opulent scents across various platforms.

From candles to room sprays to lotions and now, exquisite perfumes, we are proud to present a cohesive range that epitomizes luxury fragrance, establishing us as the quintessential destination for those seeking refined olfactory experiences. Keeping with our mission to encapsulate scent as a key component of memory and moments in our lives, each product is crafted with meticulous care and serves as a vessel to evoke cherished memories and create new ones, enriching lives with the essence of luxury.