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Scent Samples

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We know shopping for fragrance online is always a tough choice. Especially because scent notes give you an “idea” of how it might smell, but not always the most accurate. We love our custom blends of perfume-grade fragrances and know you will too. Thats why we put together Scent Samples and are offering them at the lowest cost possible + free shipping. We want you to find you next perfect scent for either home use or personal care. 


These 1ml Scent Samples are identical samples of our room & linen sprays (or parfums where applicable). These scents can also be purchased in most cases as a candle format as well. 

Quick Scent Note Descriptions

Ambrosial Vanille - Tahitian Vanilla, Pistachios, Toasted Almonds, Sandalwood
Cashmere Petals - Rose Petals, Fragrant Iris, White Musk

Chateau d'eden - Sundrenched Florals, Spiced Vanilla, Lush Green Vines

Del Lago - Cedarwood, Rosemary, Mandarin Slices, White Leather

Esencia 20 87 - Fig Nectar, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Jasmine

Lavender Dreams - Lavender Essential Oils, Oatmilk, Tonka Beans

Lumina - Lime Peel Zest, Sugarcane, Avocado & Mint Leaves

Malibu Sunrise - Lush Pineapple, Mountain Greens, Ripened Mango

Misty Mornings - Salt Water, Lily of the Valley, Lush Greens

Nautilus - Coastal Greens, Salt Water, Water Lily & Musk

Nostalgia - Honeydew, Green Leaves, Vanilla & Sugar

Opulent Oasis - Atlas Cedarwood, Sicilian Lemons, Peony Blossoms

Orange County - Mandarin Oranges, Peaches ,Strawberries, Sugar, Freesia

Playa De Avila - Soft Driftwood, Clean Linen, Crisp Ocean Air

Sand & Palms - Coconut Milk, Ylang Ylang, Tropical Bergamot

Seaside Luxury - Sea Salt Breeze, Morning Dew, Amber & Musk

Sol Amore - Peony, Madagascar Vanilla, White Woods
St. Paul Bay - Coconut, Dragonfruit, Citrus Slices, Tuberose & Rose Petals

The Blanc - White Tea, Lily & Bergamot, Calamansi Lime

Unveiled - Amber Resin, Jasmine, Saffron

White Haven - White Lilies, Jasmine & Tuberose, Sicilian Citrus


Gilded Santal - Classic Santal (Sweet Sandalwood, Cedarwood)

Santal Kyoto - Santal + Green Tea & Fig

Santal Persika - Santal + Juicy Peaches

Santal Royale - Santal + Damask Red Roses, Amber & Oud

Ships FREE!

When ordered on their own, scent samples will ship free. 


When ordered in combination with other products on our site, shipping costs will be calculated for the other items and charged accordingly. 


FDA-approved SD (denatured) Alcohol, Water, Fragrance Oil, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol

Product Details

Sample Size: Please remember, our room sprays are alcohol based (to prevent mold & bacteria growth) and for the best scent experience, shake well, then spray directly on fabrics or linens to “lock in the scent”. Consider spraying in the four corners of the room to better fill in your space with scent.


  • Sample size glass atomizer(1 ml filled) with fine mist spray head
  • Fragrance is free of phthalates, sulfates & parabens
  • Hand poured in very small batches
  • Sprays are linen & body safe but should not be used directly on pets due to higher level of alcohol content. Spraying on body and skin could cause skin dryness and is not recommended and should be avoided.


Scent Samples
Scent Samples Sale price$1.00