1982 Candle Co.™

Glass Cloche


Invented in 1623 by frustrated gardeners to protect their plants from the frost, hand blown glass cloches have become a beautiful decorative item for anyone who appreciates the classy look of their candle as a featured piece. At many of our local pop up markets, we’ve been asked about where we bought ours. And while, yes, we paid double in price when we originally bought ours….we vowed to get one into your hands for much cheaper. Don’t wait on these though. We have a very limited amount and when sold out, we can’t promise they’ll be back in stock.

  • 8.8” x 5.4” x 5.4” in size
  • Decorative glass cloche
  • Wet etching of 1982 Candle Co. logo 
  • Imported glass
  • Features handle knob

Use as a decorative item only. Great for showcasing and or protecting your 1982 Candle Co candle. 

(do not use over a burning candle. do not use to extinguish a burning candle.)

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