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Melt Away (7.5oz)

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Scent Family: Aromatic / Soft Oriental / Citrus

Top Notes: Fresh Mint Leaves, Bergamot, Mandarin, Orange Zest
Middle Notes: Eucalyptus, White Tea, Lily, Rose, Jasmine, Peppermint, Spearmint, Violet
Base Notes: Camphor, Tonka, Cedarwood, Pine, Powder, Sandalwood, Rosewood

As the seasons change and the cooler days appear - there’s a need for some comforting and soothing scent. We couldn’t wait to add a traditional eucalyptus scented candle to our line up. We of course had to add some fresh mint and to round it out, some luxury hotel white tea vibes. This soft, soothing and never overpowering version of “the classic” candle is absolutely amazing to clear the mind, clear the sinuses and of course, clear the negative vibes. 

Burn Time: ~30 hours (7.5oz small room glass jar)

Scent Coverage: Based on testing & customer feedback, this candle typically has a strong scent coverage. Please remember, candles in this collection are designed to be enjoyed in small room environments for the best scent experience.

Ingredients: Proprietary Wax Blend (Coconut + soy), lead & zinc free cotton wick, phthalate free fragrance.

  • Small room, tempered glass vessel (7.5 ounces filled)

  • Featured in a glossy white, heavy rock styled vessel
  • Single-wick for best performance
  • Filled with U.S grown (sustainable) soy wax

  • Fragrance is phthalate free, sulfate free & paraben free

  • Hand poured in very small batches

  • Comes in a reusable glass container

  • Clean burning

  • Every small room candle comes in a giftable satin/nylon branded bag, packaged in our standard box. 

Scent Profile: Each candle is made up on the concept of ‘notes’. There is top note which is the first impression you get of the candle. These scents typically evaporate the quickest, The middle notes are known as the ‘heart’ of the candle. As you burn your candle, it can take up to 20 minutes to begin smelling the middle notes. The base notes are the scents that linger after you extinguish your candle. 

1982 Candle Co.™ was built around the idea of creating high quality and safe products for family & friends near and far. Made in small batches in our very own kitchen, and hand poured in Ladera Ranch, California - we loved the idea of starting our own small candle business to share the joy and happiness candles bring into our own lives. We truly hope you enjoy every jar we poured our love into. Please support us by leaving a review of any products you purchase to help others find their perfect candle too.

Your right to Know (California Prop 65):
Safrole (natural constituent in spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, etc)
Methyleugenol (natural constituent in spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves), found in essential oils used to produce the coffee scented fragrance oil.

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