1982 Candle Co.™

Del Lago Room Spray

$ 212

Scent Notes

Scent Family: Unisex / Citrus / Sweet & Sugar

Top Notes: Orange Peels, Sliced Apples, Yuzu, Jasmine
Middle Notes: Spiced Cranberries, Cinnamon, Cedar, Fir Needles, Thyme
Base Notes: White Sugar, Ground Ginger, Dark Oud, Amber, Cashmere Musk

Aroma Description

Last year, we polled our social media followers to see what holiday themed scents they wanted to smell and cranberry was hands down a winner. But, you know us, we wanted something complex and layered, we wanted it warm and ‘classic’ and we wanted to stand out. Obviously we started with tart cranberries, a hint of fall spices and then layered in the essence of the Redwood Forests in California. Cedar and Fir needle scents paired so well with the cranberry notes. But it was missing something….it was missing a joyful time. So why not add in Thyme spice? That was the missing magic. So gather around the Christmas Tree this year, light up this candle and have a Joyful Thyme alongside us. Happy Holidays.


FDA-approved SD (denatured) Alcohol, Water, Fragrance Oil, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Benzophenone-2

Product Details

Scent Coverage: Based on testing & customer feedback, this room spray typically has a strong scent coverage. Please remember, our room sprays are alcohol based (to prevent mold & bacteria growth) and for the best scent experience, shake well, then spray directly on fabrics or linens to “lock in the scent”.


  • Frosted glass vessel (4 ounces filled) with fine mist spray head
  • Fragrance is phthalate free, sulfate free & paraben free
  • Hand poured in very small batches
  • Sprays are linen & body safe but should not be used on pets due to higher level of alcohol content


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