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Custom Order (T & J Michles)

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Thank you so much for considering us to provide candles (and/or accessories) for your upcoming wedding. Below, you will find a full breakdown of the items we think might fit your event and quote pricing. We will continue to communicate via email or using our website chat function to better identify any changes you would like to make if you decide to move forward with this custom order.

Customer: Tara Boone
Email: tara.boone@cox.net

Itemized List
$222      (37) tin candles in silver travel size tins ($6 each)  Scent Choice: Moonlit Embers, filled to 3.8oz

$228      (38) tin candles in silver travel size tins ($6 each) Scent Choice: Sand + Palms, filled to 3.8oz 

$50.00     Custom labels - sample graphic designs to be sent to customer in the next 10-14 days. (this pricing is for dedicated labor costs) Each label will be printed on 3” round crest labels. Design to include T & J, last name is Michles and date of event

$0.00       No bags, no boxes to be included

$0.00        Labor costs to produce candles included in total price

(Tax and shipping/delivery charges not included in above pricing breakdown. These will be calculated upon checkout).

Scents: Moonlit Embers for half of the order, Sand + Palms for the other half of the order

Event Date: October 7th, 2022
Promised Delivery Date: Monday September 19th, 2022

Address To Ship To: Local Delivery

Congratulations on your milestone and we wish you both all the best in your next chapter of life.  Let us know if you’d like to move forward with the custom candles and we can begin the process of defining the details and updating this page as we go along.
🧡Tinea & Vic 

Please note that this page is not public and only accessible via the link provided to you. If you choose to share this link with others, then they will have access to potential sensitive information listed in the above custom order form. 

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