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Article: Light up your space with "Lumina"

Light up your space with "Lumina"

Light up your space with "Lumina"

We are literally one month away from summer 2024 starting. Where did half this year go? It seems that the older we get, the quicker time passes us by. But either way, we are celebrating the summer season with a few new products, including "Lumina". 

Throughout the months of April and May, we took this scent to many of our markets as a sneak peek and had room sprays available to purchase and so far, the feedback has been amazing. Everyone loves the fresh spring/summer vibe this fragrance showcases. It starts with the star of the show, lime peel zest. There's an added sweetness from the sugarcane, while the shoots give us a little earthiness to ground out the sweet. Lastly, there's nuances of fresh cut mint leaves and the complexity of avocado for a smooth finish. 

It's a very bright and (strong) scent that we know so many more of you will fall in love with. 

So what exactly was the inspiration for this scent? 

As we got started on updating some branding images and collateral for the markets, we landed on uses some Tuscan, Sicilian and Mediterranean vibes as our 'move forward' inspirations. With that being said, one of the images we used Ai to create was this one;

It really was the embodiment of the late spring, early summer vibe we wanted. And, that's also how the added mint notes came about. They marry so well together and create a symphony that we knew immediately needed to join the line up. While it is launching seasonally, if you all love it so might just need to stick around longer (or make a re-appearance, yearly). 

You can pre-order throughout the remainder of the month of May and we expect candles and room sprays to make their way to your home the first week of June. 

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