A new look is coming……

In late 2022, not only did our lives change as we became new parents, but we had talked many, many times over what our 2023 would look like from a business perspective. How would we evolve the brand? What scent profiles would we chase after? Would we consider opening up a brick and mortar?

While we obviously can’t share all the plans and exciting things in the works, what we can share is one of our biggest focuses of the year. We immediately knew our next step……

We sat back and reflected on the hundreds and hundreds of candles and products we produced that were now in the hands of our customers and candles lovers alike. Many were given as gifts and some were cherished and never even lit. But all of them had one thing in common. The packaging. 

We looked back at late 2020 and early 2021 - we started with simple, black boxes off amazon. They weren’t elegant by any means (but hey, we didn’t know any better, lol). After shipping a few out and getting photos of “crushed”boxes, we made the quick change to a sturdier box. One, that we actually really, really loved. It was kraft brown and featured a tie string and clasp. The boxes were perfect in creating a very clean appearance and people raved about how different they were - as well as how easy they were to gift. But sadly, with the inventory constraints, they were beyond hard to keep in stock. We looked for many vendors and just couldn’t get the right size, color and quality as the original boxes. So, that led us to making the decision to get our own design printed. So, while away in Chicago during the holiday months in late 2021, we ordered boxes and they are the ones you still see to this day. A bright white top and grey rim bottom that wraps the box and tells of our natural waxes on the side. 

We’re gonna be a little sad to see these boxes phase out (as they have been a big part of our business branding and growth over the last 14 months). But, we are equally excited to give you a sneak peek at the new, thicker, well-supported and classic “candle box” look coming. 

They of course will feature the classic white tops, but our logo will be printed in a beautiful brown tone. The box will also be topped with the text “nineteen eighty-two” and best practices & ingredients listed on the back. But the best part is the design on the inner box that compliments our “neutral” brand colors and most importantly, the thicker boxes will better protect candles when shipped out across the world….so here’s your first look at the new core box. (Please note that this is a mockup and not fully reflective of the final design).

 So, we know the question coming….when are they rolling out? Well, we expect a soft transition to begin in early May. We know that’s still a ways out, but the entire process from design, to mock up, to order, production and delivery - all takes time and patience is definitely a virtue. Hang tight, we promise the wait will be worth it. 

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